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Welcome to Vet Tuf Industries

Welcome to Vet Tuf IndustriesWelcome to Vet Tuf IndustriesWelcome to Vet Tuf Industries

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Within Seconds, THE IRON cauterizes and you're done! Less blood, less animal stress, faster healing!



No other cauterizing tool even comes close to THE IRON. 

THE IRON  tips are made completely out of surgical stainless steel rods. This design feature, exclusive to THE IRON, provides a constant heat source (1500°) for hour after hour of continuous use...the tip will never lose heat or burn out...Guaranteed!


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Comes complete as shown with: torch, torch handle, regulator, 12' LP vapor hose, screw connectors, and 2 tips (1 cauterizer tip and 1 debudder tip). Tank not included. 

Use the flat head tip for cauterizing larger calves after dehorning. Use the inset head tip for debudding of younger calves.


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20 YEARS-40,000 CALVES...

and still going strong around Shelby, Iowa! That's how long THE IRON has been performing! Start your own success story with the only cauterizer you'll ever need again THE IRON!

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