The fastest, cleanest, most effective cauterizer you can buy...guaranteed!



No More Waiting

With electric cauterizer's, you can do 10-11 head before you have to stop and recharge. THE IRON runs nonstop at a constant 1500°...when you need it, it's ready. Even the newer propane aluminum with bronze tipped cauterizer's are no match for THE IRON. Those units simply can't take the heat usually running only maybe 15 head at a time... if they stay hot enough and if they don't burn out and if it's not windy... because if forget it! 

No More Hassles

THE IRON is totally portable, so you can go anywhere the hurt is. Simply make the connection to your propane tank and in three minutes you reach full heat ready to go!

No More Traditional Headaches

Normally you dehorn and then have to pull the arteries leaving expose nerves which can take 72-96 hours to die. With THE IRON cauterizing is easy, burning flat to the skull and killing all nerves in about 5 seconds.


Because you surface burn with THE IRON, you don't dehorn as deep so there's less chance of infection, and much less stress on the animal. Plus, the animal heals much faster, virtually illuminating disease carrying flies and maggots as well as callbacks for not healed animals.

Vet tuf industries

Here's what Dr. Hansen has to say about the THE IRON.

"I've been a practicing veterinarian for over 20 years. In that time I've been directly involved in the debudding of thousands of younger calves and the cauterization of just as many larger dehorned calves. In those 20 years, I have gone through countless cauterization tools, from electric to gas powered that were either too slow, or just weren't tough and reliable enough to last. I knew there had to be a better I developed one, THE IRON!

THE IRON is portable, provides constant heat (1500°), remains heated for as long as the job requires and is very rugged! I have use THE IRON for the past eight years in my practice and would not go back to the old ways of debudding and pulling arteries. THE IRON is a tough, reliable tool...I GUARANTEE IT!"


VET TUF INDUSTRIES was founded by practicing veterinarian Dr. D.C. Hansen of Shelby, Iowa. The company provides real world products designed to fit the exact needs of veterinarians and end-users. Like the company name, that tough products are made to withstand years of continuous use.